Hi, I'm Laura Kelly. I'm a web developer who builds things in JavaScript, Clojure, and Python. I'm also a freelance mixed media artist in my spare time. I like working with data, creating great user experiences, and building visualizations with D3.js (my favorite JavaScript library). I'm an alumna of Hackbright Academy, and I studied philosophy and neuroscience at Washington University in St. Louis prior to becoming a developer. After graduating from Wash. U., I worked in a neuroscience lab at UC Davis for two years studying human memory with fMRI, EEG, and eye-tracking. I taught myself Python to do data analysis in the lab and liked programming so much that I decided to go into web development. At the beginning of July 2012, I participated in my fist hackathon, the LinkedIn DevelopHer Hack Day. We completed MuniMobile in 24 hours and won second place. You can see some of my other projects here.